Twitter Updates for 2008-04-28
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  • Amazing photo of me (I’ve got a good smile in a photo, utterly flabbergasted how that happened) by @mager here: #
  • @crazybob holy crap! $105 for 3 deluxe pizzas? What’s that got, cocaine+viagra for the topping or something? #
  • Looking to find a way to pack for five days in London w/ only one medium sized suitcase + a camera bag. Will be a miracle for me if I can. #
  • Why is it virtually every camera store in California is stuck in 1995? I mean, come on, even an online catalog could get you to Web1.0 lvl. #
  • Just confirmed all my hotels for my England trip this week. Bath, Thursday. Oxford, Friday. Saturday-Monday in London. #
  • Curious how SFO->FRA->AUH is ~8,750 miles but SFO->IAD->FRA->AUH is ~9,500 miles. Debating if the extra stop is worth 800 … #
  • Either way, it’s very tempting to pick up about 23-24k airline miles for $1500 roundtrip to go visit a friend over Labor Day later this year #
  • Time to go load myself up on drugs so when I cough out that last remaining lung in the middle of the night I die peacefully (got icky cold). #
  • Still feeling miserable, but really need to be in the office today. Man I hope I am not contagious so I don’t spread this like others I know #

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