Twitter Updates for 2008-04-25
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  • I have never had so many people come up and introduce themselves as I have had this week who I have no clue who they are. #
  • Waiting with @mager for Jess. Probably going to AMZN party at Jillians. #
  • OH "I’m going to see if I can push out a tweet" #
  • Heading to Wine 2.0 fashionably late. Now if anything else was fashionable about me in my Yahoo! clothes. #
  • Jillians is still packed! #
  • Most amazing taxi cab driver. Never made it that far in SF that fast before. #
  • At women 2.0 instead. #
  • The gender ratio is positively in the male’s favor at Women 2.0. Get to Geary and Ambassador if you wanna join. #
  • Errr geary and Leavenworth. The Ambassador. #
  • OH: "that puts a whole new meaning on blown glass" as we walked past a sex toy shop. #
  • @ eddy rickenbockers waiting for Jess. Then walking to Netvibes in a moment. #
  • Netvibes rocks. Best party of the night. 111 minna. #
  • Walking back to my car now. Fun night and lots of good contacts made. #
  • The park by the Metreon looks awesome at night. If the sprinklers weren’t on I would so break out the laptop and work. #
  • Just spent 1.5 hours typing (and editing multiple times) a book length email. Completely and totally mentally exhausted now. #
  • Combine that with all the walking I did today lugging my crap around and it makes for one tired old man. Here’s to some hopefully good sleep #
  • Did this keynote make you excited? Are you a rockstar developer who wants to help make it happen? Contact me! We are hiring #
  • At Steve Souder’s performance talk with Julia. Steve just shamelessly plugged another conference hardcore in his talk. #
  • Heading to south bay. #
  • Probably going to blow off going to see John Digweed tonight in light of the news going on. Ping me 4 my ticket if you want it. #

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