Twitter Updates for 2008-04-24
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  • Took a tour of CNET w/ @mager. To kewl! Heading to the crawl in a few. #
  • Dangerously low on cell phone battery. Freaking sucks! #
  • @chaddickerson is graciously hooking me up with power! Wood! #
  • Leaving brickhouse. #
  • @mager and jess just rocked out to Pat Bennatar. #
  • With @mager @kevinklein and jess at south park cafe. Heading to Nova in a sec. #
  • At VCtini with@mager @web2party @kevinklein and Jess. Headed to @mashable soon. #
  • @techcrunch picked up the google booth story. Pretty kewl! #
  • All safe and sound for the night. Thinking about going through some pics real quick and then heading to bed. #
  • @mager they be freaks! There will always be crazy people who hate awesome things/places. #
  • Just noticed that I twittered about the stupid Google booth thing about 7 minutes before @laughingsquid. Surprised we didn’t see each other. #
  • Just deleted some direct messages I sent "just in case" I use an app like GroupTweet. Better be safe than sorry I guess. #
  • Freaking A! Maid must have reset the alarm clock incorrectly! It says 8:11am but both laptop and cell phone say its after 10am. Crap! #
  • There is one thing I definitely like about this Web 2.0 Fad. Its really getting common users to drop the notion everything has to be a .com #
  • Forgot to twitter this earlier… Some photos from the Web 2.0 conference yesterday: #
  • Woah! #7 in Hot News AND page #1 in most popular upcoming stories in Tech on Digg. Have you dugg it yet?? #
  • Sitting in a data extraction talk. I think my smses to twitter earlier didnt go through. Hmmm. #

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