Twitter Updates for 2008-04-23
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  • Down right scary ability to empty a bottle of liquid (water like, but had a bit of color so not sure) #
  • Hoping like hell I am over this (whatever it is) by tomorrow. See you guys at Web 2.0 tomorrow! zzzzzzz in the meantime. #
  • Compare and contrast 2007 with 2008. Let me know if you see any difference. #
  • Want a job of maybe just Yahoo! Swag? Come find me, I’m in bright purple and white, hard to miss. #
  • Eating lunch with Julia. Come find me for free stuff (so my bag will get lighter)!!! #
  • Google guy "sorry sir, you are not allowed to take photos of our booth. Our PR told me to tell people." he wasn’t joking either. #
  • @andreiz I totally did, but a bit more tactfully since I am representing Yahoo! here. #
  • The photo Google PR apparently didn’t want you to see… #
  • Hey everyone! Please help out by sharing a digg if you feel Google’s behavior towards photographers is inappropriate. #
  • @laughingsquid good! Proof for those who thought it was a Yahoo vs. Google thing (which its not). #
  • @laughingsquid you should join in on my flickr/digg roast of their behavior. #
  • At the openid/oauth panel. Did a poor job of positioning a question to spur more talking on non-web based app auth. #

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