Twitter Updates for 2008-04-22
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  • At Kate O’brien’s. Pretty packed, but find me (in brown and white shirt) if you want a job. #
  • Grabbing Thai food at Tara on 2nd street. Come join us for food! #
  • @thekarladam no, I meant Tara. Its next to Osha. #
  • Harlot is overrun as usual. Thinking about leaving soon. #
  • Just saw that my USB 3G modem blocks my FW port on my MacBook. Thankfully being the over prepared uber geek that I am, I have a USB ext. #
  • Photos from Monday night’s Pre-Web 2.0 parties… #
  • @mattgemmell 3% will do it… #
  • Something I ate last night is really making me unhappy right now. :( I got better things to be doing than what I am right now.. bleh! #
  • Somehow I don’t think statements like these by HRC are doing any good on our "fight against terrorists" … #
  • Am I the only one baffled by how any president candidate thinks they have the right to obliterate another country? For shame @hillaryclinton #
  • My health seems to be deteriorating. Think I need to take a nap, if I still feel bad when I wake up I am going home, Web2.0 expo or not. #
  • The more I think about it (and watch how people leverage it) the more I think Flickr really nailed the video thing doing 90 seconds or less. #
  • Mad props to the Flickr team, job well done! Excited to see what’s next in your bag of tricks. #

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