Twitter Updates for 2008-04-21
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  • @hagus It’s not like I am bitching about not being able to send MMS, I embrace the change fine. Blaming "non-embracing change" is a cop out. #
  • Browsing through food pr0n with Sarah… … Man these photos of food are so yummilishous! #
  • How can one not just be drooling non-stop looking at photos like this? … It should be a crime! #
  • It’s articles like this which make me want to prove PoR is possible by writing a framework identical to RoR for PHP … #
  • Everything (and I do mean everything, even modifying classes after creation) you can do in RoR can be done easily in PHP if you wanted to. #
  • Hell, you could even keep identical code syntax too, but that doesn’t really make it "PHP" anymore, just running on the Zend VM. #
  • @Hagus bug report filed. Can’t believe it isn’t probably the thousandth dupe, but we will see. #
  • @hagus Never implied it was… or even a project worth doing (its not IMHO), just saying technically you could fairly easily (just lot time) #
  • Testing out a new twitter client on my phone which does photos and location. Seems pretty slick! #
  • Trying to decide if I want to pack before going to work or later. Probably should do it now so I have a chance of catching the Flickr party. #
  • Just had an idea for a killer device, but dunno how to make it or if it’s even technically possible. External harddrive for an iPhone. #
  • An external HD for the iPhone would allow you to keep the "good stuff" on the phone all the time, but plug in for more stuff on flights, etc #
  • @seancoates that sounds like a kewl device, but seems it’s windows XP only? Not sure how I could get the iPhone to use that for more storage #
  • @thekarladam dude, its flash not a native app. What do you expect? #
  • @thekarladam Didn’t we already establish eons ago that Twitterific sucks? Comparing Thwirl to it is silly then, no? #
  • IMHO, Thwirl uses to much memory/CPU for what it does, but it’s the best Twitter client that I know of right now so I live with it. #
  • CPU cycles and a few extra bits of data are a relatively small price to pay for the awesome yumminess that is teh Thwirl. #
  • @dogballs and @ryankuder, (ex-yahoo)+ or (ex-)?yahoo able to come? Totally down for meeting up if the later over the former. #
  • @dogballs did you not see the video on Flickr? She’s glistening silver again. #
  • Final load of laundry almost done (all my Yahoo! shirts needed washing), fixing to head into office to pick up some stuff then head north. #
  • @rickymontalvo sure! I plan to head north at about 4:30 if you want a ride. #

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