Twitter Updates for 2008-04-20
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  • Having an interesting conversation with someone I met from OkCupid for about 2.5 hours now. To bad she lives in LA! :( #
  • Neighbors are having a dinner party loud enough to wake the dead. Fighting back with "Time of our Lives" by PVD at full volume on my stereo. #
  • You know you are a fair match for someone when you are trying desperately to find reasons to hate someone five hours later and can’t. #
  • Hmmm…. Trying to keep myself away from car keys. Road trips are too appealing on their own already. #
  • ok… still walking over 7 hours later… interesting… Here’s to hoping she becomes annoying tomorrow.. Otherwise who knows what happens. #
  • You know you have found a "compatible" woman when you send her a and she replies with a #
  • Ok, 9 hours now. Must say enough is enough. Good night world, cya at the SXSW reunion tomorrow! #
  • @jzawodn how so? :) #
  • Receiving MMS messages on an iPhone…. Epic FAIL! Apple you should be so damn ashamed! #
  • @hagus totally agree, but couldn’t the experience be better in the mean time? Like a damn direct link? #
  • @hagus you mean to tell me in almost a year they can’t change the SMS from a long URL with long username/pwd to a link? #
  • @hagus Have you never received an MMS on an iPhone before? This is what it looks like: … Totally poor user experience! #
  • @omnivector Does that change the fact Apple/AT&T blows for not fixing this issue STILL almost a year later? Is a clickable link that hard? #
  • I’d rather be blocked from receiving MMS (and the sender be notified) than have this user experience on my trouser mac. #
  • @omnivector lucky you then. I get em all the time. Funny how most of my non-iPhone using friends can’t understand why I hate MMS and love it #
  • Take a picture, type in a phone number, hit send. What’s so "sucks" about that? Really!? Typing an email is a PITA on a normal phone. #

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