Twitter Updates for 2008-04-19
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  • @thekarladam so where is this meat being devoured and why wasn’t I invited to the event? #
  • Now that’s not something you see every day. Ultra sleak Bugati. Freaking love the way that one looked especially. #
  • @thekarladam you glutinous heathen of a carnivore! I see how it is! #
  • Planning out next week before leaving the office. Going to be in the city all week. Yippee! #
  • Amazing! Yet another sentence from Valleywag which is accurate and reasonable. "Remind us, why do we have stock analysts to begin with?" #
  • Anybody ever tried Kajmir and strawberries? To steal a phrase from @misskaren, its almost "esploder" worthy. #
  • NOOO!!! My Drobo is only two days old and it’s already full! :( /me shakes his fist at UPS and tells them to hurry up with more drives. #
  • Place to stay for next week. Chk. Sessions picked. Chk. Loaded up schedule of after parties. Chk. Man, never been this prepared for a conf. #
  • Really digging my new hair color. If you didnt know my nature color you might think its natural. Tri-color, high+lowlights. #
  • Whoever the genius was who thought the SMS dialog should be modal on the iPhone should be hung and quartered. #
  • Was on a long call, got like 20 smses during the call. Thus had to click close 20 times before I was allowed to hit
    end. FAIL #
  • Not when the phone is in use. #
  • @thekarladam Not when the phone is in use. #

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