Twitter Updates for 2008-04-18
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  • I’m sure AMZN is scratching their head if a human actually looked at my orders. I’ve now bought like 14 Eye-Fi cards in the past 6 months. #
  • @CalEvans one for me, handful for friends and family, and now seven for the office. Not had a bad one yet (knock on wood). #
  • Someone needs to walk up to me and say "Who are you and what did you do w/ Jeremy?". I just sliced 4lb of strawberries and didn’t even one. #
  • Copying 660gb from one RAID array to another… With one being on USB (drobo)… God this is gonna hurt.. Still waiting to see time estimate #
  • :( Won’t be done till morning. Dreaming of the day data transfer is reasonable. Of course once it’s 10x faster I will have 10x more data. #
  • Who am I kidding? When things are 10x faster I will have 1000x more data. I will always have to wait. :( #
  • How I pulled a hamstring doing crunches is beyond me, but needless to say I’m now in pain annoyingly. #
  • Of course the only pro message therapist in the area won’t come over because i refuse to share my strawberries. #
  • Err only one I *know* in the area. Pain is one thing, fresh strawberries are another. #
  • @boulter dang it! we are already connected. And you’re at 499 now too. #
  • Going to bed early for a change, or at least hoping my laying down will cause that to happen. Yet to be seen if I will succeed or not. #
  • Err only one I *know* in the area. Pain is one thing, fresh strawberries are another. #
  • Apparently I have no sense of shame, so have a good laugh like I did… #
  • @natekoechley @davglass Seems like they had two small-mediumish ones today. A 5.2 and a 4.6 aftershock. #
  • @daveevans I just threw up in my mouth. You are so smoking crack if you think Twitterific can even remotely be considered to be a good UI. #
  • Apparently my walls/ceiling must be paper thin. Sitting at my home office desk and I can hear every word in detail my neighbor is saying. #
  • @daveevans I didnt say Thwirl was ideal, I said Twitterific was horid. #
  • @daveevans If u want to pick on engr aspect then u can use the fact I took a prybar and hammer into the shower to fix the bad drain design #
  • @daveevans (true story from earlier) But saying I like Twhirl over Twitterific because I am a developer is really an inaccurate conclusion. #
  • @daveevans That I will agree with. Until twitter has some sane concept of update interval, we will probably not have any "great" client. #
  • @DreamHost moved me to another filer. Testing shows it’s ok in speed and disk space so might use em to host the images for my gallery. #
  • Every time I get on Central Expressway I am reminded why I bought a 265hp V6. Entrance ramp design, FAIL! #

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