Twitter Updates for 2008-04-16
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  • Twitter website layout is all kinds of borked in Safari right now. EPIC FAIL! #
  • Just saw that WWDC is going on while I am in Bonaire diving. /me cries… Was so looking forward to going this year! :( :( *sniffle* #
  • Fixing to make @DreamHost cry. Pushing 267GB of photos at 3.5MB/sec as a backup. Give me 450GB of disk space and think I won’t use it? HA! #
  • What are the odds of the car in front of me having a WSU license plate frame. Wow! Go shockers!! #
  • Wow… I have no clue why people bitch about the California DMV. Just renewed my reg. on my car and it was _SO_ simple. #
  • Only had to type 14 characters + two mouse clicks + type in credit card info and my car is legal for another year. Couldn’t be easier. #
  • I’m just flat out getting schooled in Scrabulous lately. Current game, opponent got a 53 on his FIRST laydown on a parallel line w/ "FIX". #
  • Still am baffled how someone can put down "FIX" _parallel_ to "QAT" as if that’s legal in some twisted way AND get 53 points for it. #
  • Talk about flash back to the 90s, Veruca Salt just started playing on Rhapsody on my Tivo. Seether ain’t a bad song. #
  • Playing my air piano and drums (since its not really a guitar song) to Night Ranger. #
  • @thekarladam I totally would. Scarier monster the better. #
  • Time for some air guitar to finish out the night. What better could one play than the greatest band of all time, Smashing Pumpkins. #
  • Or otherwise known as Magic Pumpkins to those who know the twisted story of one night long ago. #
  • Yes, @jstanden and @bhalsted I am talking about you! :) #
  • @tychay Debating if its worth it to drive to the city tomorrow to grab a free donut. Very tempting. #
  • Of course I am looking for every lame excuse to go to the city though, so that definitely seems like one. #
  • I would trade everything I am as a person to be able to play this song I am listening to, but of course its the hardest song of all time … #
  • Or at least its considered that by many. Valadimir Horowitz is doing a surperb rendition here though which is impossible to beat. #
  • @tychay apparently hell froze over. DxO optics pro 5 for Mac is now in beta. #
  • @schill its funny that an aquisition does a better job maintaining the brand culture of old skool Y! than anything else. #
  • @jake_brewer I am totally down, but sadly I am on the wrong side of the country. Oh well, next time I guess. #

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