Twitter Updates for 2008-04-15
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  • @daveevans "Now that I’m ENFP" ?? #
  • /me thinks @omnivector is a bit past the fashionably late time to fall in love with Fluid. Now if only it had separate cookie jars… :( #
  • Upstairs neighbors wanna be loud and obnoxious? Two can play at this game… I’m tired of being nice, so the gloves will be coming off. #
  • I wonder how they will like 140db of shrill noise at 3:30am. And that’s just what’s up for round one. #
  • Just wish I didn’t have to take collatoral damage with my next door neighbor. He’s a nice guy and works at Yahoo!. But war is war I guess. #
  • @mdhughes Yeah, thought about that. I badly just need to move, but until I decide if I am staying at Yahoo! or not it seems stupid to move. #
  • Now that’s a bit freaky. Just looked up at the AppleTV and saw a photo of Dave Matthews I took long ago at the same time a DMB song started. #
  • Just learned something new today… @property / @synthesize in ObjC. Would have been very useful to have learned sooner. #
  • @brentsimmons any chance we can get NNW to use Twhirl instead of Twitterific? Twitterific has fallen to teh suck while Twhirl is awesome. #
  • Just fixed me a diet tequilla sunrise hold the tequilla. If anyone knows what that drink specifically is in that case, D msg me. :D #
  • @macgasm I don’t think I have design skills. Look at my website theme for proof. :) #
  • Got volume cranked to the max on all dials and yet still can just barely hear Ari’s tech allhands webcast. Guess I should have went to URLs #
  • Anybody else at Y! feel like they want the 45 mins back waisted watching the propaganda / TV commercial of a tech allhands we just had? #
  • grrr… typo city today… :( I think @macgasm is infecting everyone with the typo virus today. #
  • Now heading into the office. Better not be anyone parked in my parking spot today. :| #
  • Just carried an 80lb. CRT to my car. Boy was that fun. Mommy can we do that again? Ppplllleeeaaassee??? #
  • finding it weirdly ironic that two of my apple mighty mice quit scrolling down on the same day. scroll up works, just not scroll down. #
  • @macgasm Just flipped mine upside down and smacked it into the desk, strangely it now works too… hmm… conspiracy theories abound. #
  • Drobo has a shipped weight of 16 lbs? Really? You gotta be kidding me! Thank god for Amazon Prime (despite their F’d up bill system issues). #
  • @jake_brewer is your "favorite" person there too? #

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