Twitter Updates for 2008-04-14
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  • @thekarladam You didn’t read the system requirements! If someone downloaded a .dmg on a Windows machine should they expect it to work? No! #
  • Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think AIR is perfect by any means, but really, blaming a .air file as an issue is pure lazy lameness. #
  • @thekarladam @patrick Agree on the colors. I decided on "Black", though. As far as fonts, you can change the font. Verdana is much better. #
  • I have a feeling my # of people I follow + # of tweets per day will be increasing thanks to Twhirl. The lookup ability in it rocks!! #
  • @thekarladam I know. Im say some fonts have less an issue than others do. Personally, I think Verdana seems useable as far as font rendering #
  • @iTod seems like something is broke in your website design btw on Safari. #
  • @itod seems like you have relative paths for the CSS/JS and obviously they are failing to load now. #
  • @iTod ROFLMAO… one of the best Screenflow videos I have seen! The background music is just classic. So dang funny. #
  • New MacHeist is up and the only thing really interesting is the couple apps they had last time too. Pretty boring selection if you ask me. #
  • @iancr I used to think IMAP was the only thing Gmail was missing. Now that I have it, don’t feel it’s useful much. Would say why, but at 140 #
  • I really wish there was something which bridged the gap between "full blown blog post" and the tiny 140 characters of twitter like services. #
  • Browsing through sets on Muxtape… found one person who has _extremely_ similar tastes in music.. #
  • Team who decided to make "A Time to Kill" a double sided DVD just to finish the main movie. EPIC FAIL! #
  • Just enjoyed a small sniffer of B&B that’s older than I am (~30-35 years old). So mellow and sweet, smooth like silk. Now headed to bed. :) #
  • @janeylicious get my contact info from Karl. I’d be happy to help and I’ve written that style verbiage many times in the past. #
  • How does someone go from new twitter user (< week it seems) to having almost 9k people they follow? Is there a name for a twitter who … #
  • No offense intended of course @jennifer91335, just doesn’t give a good sign of someone being a real person with usage patterns like that. #
  • I need to adjust for timezones it seems on my website. The server isn’t in Pacific timezone and makes me look like I am up later than I am. #
  • I should know better than checking work email at 2am. Now 2.5 hours later I am going to bed for realz this time. #
  • Just checked my updated website against .. Glad to see only IE4 users will get a jacked experience, all else normal. #
  • My other laptop sounds like it’s about ready to lift off and start flying around. Guess I should get up and go find out what’s running. #
  • Weird. was pegging one core to the max, yet was very responsive to user input and nothing in activity viewer (no active conns). #
  • Man I wish there was some way to magically heat water to boiling faster. Waiting on water to get hot enough for making tea is annoying. #
  • @mattgemmell looks great. would easily buy it assuming it was available in the US or anywhere online (not found any online merchants for it) #
  • @ijustine Probably something similar or even maybe the very same thing which goes through your mind before you send a message. #

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