Twitter Updates for 2008-04-12
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  • Had a late meeting and dinner w/ a friend from DHS. Finishing up a couple things at the office then getting out of here early for a change.
  • Got into a long discussion about life and why Yahoo! is so screwed with a coworker. so much for leaving early as I am just now leaving work.
  • For some reason throwing water balloons off a high rise seems fun right now. Wonder if they make a biodegradable earth friendly balloon.
  • QOTD: "The proposed AOL/YHOO deal to fend off MSFT is like trying to keep a wild animal from eating you by covering yourself with feces."
  • Got into a long IM chat with an old friend. Heading home for reals now.
  • Rather nice fortune cookie tonight. "Life is a series of choices. Today yours are good ones." … Thanks for the vote of confidence cookie!
  • Just made my first ever Genius bar appointment. My Mac Mini has been sick virtually since I bought it and I am out of ideas on a cure.

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