Twitter Updates for 2008-04-10
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  • Just introduced a new disciple .. err coworker today to the "Almighty Holy Bible", much to his elation. Talking about your book btw @SaraMG
  • Man I feel a lot better now. 10hr of sleep. Gloriousness! Sadly, now I am going to miss my weekly 1-on-1 w/ my boss again this week. :(
  • @davglass I did too. Fusion is just so much better than Parallels now. Sad too, because Parallels had the clear lead for a long time.
  • @omnivector is what @davglass said true? Fusion only allows one snapshot? If so, you guys should fix that (hint hint)!
  • Apparently "reserved" has lost it’s meaning for some people…
  • OMG! A moderately well written, mostly unbiased, and not entirely bashing blog post about Y! on Valleywag? By Owen no less? WTF!?
  • Hell has officially met the ice age now… The bubble is officially burst…

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