Twitter Updates for 2008-04-09
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  • mmmmm….. diet mountain dew….. been a long time since I had any… forgot how good it tasted.
  • OH: "Yahoo is a gateway drug"
  • @davglass the real stuff gives me headaches and the diet stuff has more caffeine too.
  • Got an evening of Powerpoint joy to look forward to. Need to find a liquor store in Chicago otherwise this will be a long night.
  • Power of the Internet: Run into someone you knew from BBS days randomly online you havent seen in fifteen years.
  • Wow… Apparently I am _old_ it seems. Someone just said "BBS = ?" … Freaked amazed a geek doesn’t know about BBS’s.
  • SWEET! Awesome loud thunder! I’m so in the Midwest. Sad that is the only thing other than people I miss.
  • @mdhughes totally, and I’m under 30 even. Yeesh. @jake_brewer why the emergency landing?
  • OH: "1: How often do you use email? 2: I sleep with my laptop."
  • It’s either the VPN or hotel net or Flickr, but video uploads keep failing halfway in. Everything else on the net works, even Youtube UL.
  • Ok… Enough tries for tonight. Going to go to bed since I have a 7am flight in the morning and let them work out the apparent kinks.
  • Cutting it really close to checkin cutoff. Let’s hope I make it!!
  • Missed cutoff by 3 damn minutes. Bad Avis (they were really slow). Guess I needed even more buffer.
  • Finding it hard to believe O’hara doesn’t have Cingular 3G. Lame. Complete lameness I say. Chicago == FAIL.
  • Original flight got delayed a half hour. Could have easily made it. Oh well, sitting on board 8am flight now.
  • On final approach into SFO. Time to race into the office. Busy day ahead.
  • Yep, I’m back in the valley alright. EDGE went from useable to so slow I could walk the data faster… From Europe.
  • Anybody near #sfo heading to South Bay? If not, will catch a cab, but thought I should check.
  • Recruiters are definitely coming at me full force lately. They are increasing their "offered" positions too. I’m up to CTO level offers now.

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