Twitter Updates for 2008-04-08
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  • Woot!!! KU is winning!!
  • Go KU!! You can do it!!
  • OMFG! He made it OT here we come!
  • Woooooooohhhhhooooooooo!!!!!!! Rock chalk jayhawk!!!!!
  • OH "will the minivan bottom out after all we ate?" … Women are so melodramatic.
  • There is a…. Swan…. In my hotel room…. On the bed…
  • Apparently loading a web page from twitterific isn’t possible at the same time as doing a sync with iTunes. Hard locked OS.
  • Guess it’s time to brush off my Python skills. AppEngine looks interesting enough to be useful.
  • Already approved on both my accounts for AppEngine. Wonder why they bothered saying they were "full"?
  • Street walking in Chicago. All six of us have iPhones out at a street corner.
  • Hearing an interesting story about a person named Gaylord A Hurlbut while waiting for our deep dish pizza.
  • Standing 1100 ft above the skyline of Chicago looking down at the tiny people.
  • Head (and body) now out of the clouds. Walking back to car now at Millenium Park.
  • Baffled how my blog is the #5 search result in Google for "backpack suitcase" … Amazing how much traffic I get off it too.
  • Yahoo! Messenger blog is promoting my Fluid mashup with Web.IM … too kewl …
  • @omnivector having looked in depth at both, I can emphatically say @AmazingSyco is correct in what he said both times about Ruby vs. Python.
  • @omnivector anon functions are just 1 feature of a language. certainly not something I would ever say as the deciding factor on superiority.
  • @omnivector I am not saying Python is ideal, just better than Ruby. It’s funny, of all my smart friends, you’re the only one who disagrees.
  • That came out wrong, I meant to say you are the only one of my friends who thinks Ruby is "awesome" or "great", not that Python is better.
  • If Ruby and/or RoR is so awesome, how come virtually nobody of any importance (traffic wise specifically, but in general really) uses it?
  • @chockenberry you need salt? you should find better meat yourself… :) (dead serious on that, but it is funny too)

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