Twitter Updates for 2008-04-07
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  • Two friends don’t believe me that I have rewired my brain to not hear RickRolls. So they are now testing my resolve.. With vigor!
  • @maidelba I am so insanely jealous. Can’t wait to see your handy work in photos from the trip once you get back.
  • With all the damn cop sirens I have been hearing lately, one would think the quality of my neighborhood must be going down. :(
  • Sweet! Redeemed some 500 mile e-upgrades for my flight to Chicago today and logging in just now saw I was confirmed.
  • At gate C6 at #SJC waiting to board flight.
  • Fixing to leave the valley. Debating on where I want to go in Chicago in the morning. Thinking about sunrise on the lake.

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