Twitter Updates for 2008-04-05
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  • One of the (not surprising) best articles on the CS4 64bit saga… My question? Why is this coming up now?
  • Grrr…. kinda hard to record my video demo of creating an SSB with when the dang cleaning crew is vacuuming…
  • Just finished my first publicly available screencast using ScreenFlow. That app is so dang sweet. Will post a link in a bit.
  • @iTod Check out my blog post on your kickass Fluid SSB. … Let’s chat about the improvements I listed at the end!
  • Here’s a direct link to the tutorial I made with Screenflow. Probably the best $99 I have spent in forever…
  • I just got rick rolled by a friends cell phone ring tone.
  • Just got home from visiting two friends I havent seen in forever. Think I offended one of them unintentionally though. :(
  • I’m beyond the point of being tired now. Probably should have came home 3 hrs ago instead of going to visiting friends.
  • Just entered in my first set of books into Bookpedia. 75 books w/ 30k pages. Not sure why I like *pedia better than Delicious Library.
  • Noticed a handful of "business" / VC type people have started following me lately. Any of you want to clue me in? Coincidence or … ??
  • Off to the studio to do a shoot for the YEF auction winner.

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