Twitter Updates for 2008-04-04
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  • OH "the only place success comes before work is in the dictionary" so dang true if you ask me.
  • Working on a screencast for showing Eclipse CVS users how to become Eclipse Subversion users. Screenflow is so damn kewl.
  • Sounds like my neighbor is vomiting their guts out while in the shower. Horrible mental image, so disgusting! Oh the joys of apt. living.
  • Two best 3rd party iPhone apps to date: MobileScrobler and MobileTerminal. Both insanely useful.
  • @jetblue still hoping to actually fly on BetaBlue sometime since I wrote part of the messenger product on it.
  • @jetblue being able to go out on the end of the runway to take shots of it taking off was so kewl. Just wish I had more zoom on me.
  • Kassler and hefe weizen double bock. Lunch of champions.
  • Yet another going away lunch for a coworker. Second this week.

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