Twitter Updates for 2008-04-03
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  • My car is naked now apparently… Won’t get to see it for a few more hours though. I’ll try and post a couple pictures later if I have time.
  • My car is so silver now! Me incognito and can blend in! Woot!
  • They are spray painting the grass outside. Wonder what for.
  • Watching concept testing with Yahoo! users. Pretty interesting so far…
  • @dogballs I am thinking about writing a Safari plugin to manage that. Not a normal deal which stores the password, but rather a pw generator
  • @dogballs Yep! Part of why I don’t trust 3rd party apps, especially ones which store my passwords for me.
  • 30 second video of what my car looks like now..
  • Apologize for the shake… apparently the Flip Video is rather sensitive to small hand movements while walking with it.
  • @omnivector if Youtube wasn’t down it would be on there. But I got sick of waiting and uploaded to Yahoo! video instead. Youtube — FAIL!
  • I love that the background music for the iphone pwnage video is Darude – Sandstorm ….
  • Debating on if I should change my "note to random recruiters" on my LinkedIn profile since my car is no longer exhibiting purple pride.
  • Ballsy car in front of me. Got a Bush Cheney 04 bumper sticker. No self respecting American should have that (still).
  • K&S photo in Palo Alto is restoring my faith in paying more to local over online merchants is a good thing.

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