Twitter Updates for 2008-04-02
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  • If you are a browser developer (ONLY if you’re one!), click here: Suffer your punishment for allowing this BS.
  • Any browser developer who thinks allowing Javascript to do that is ok seriously needs their head beaten with a bat for being such an idiot.
  • Couple photos from beaches around the city near dusk last week.
  • Flickr: 101 Streaks of Light …
  • Anybody want a 4gb 133x Lexar CF card? This thing is way to dang slow for any civilized patient person and I am neither some would say.
  • Nice shock… thousands of dollars missing from my bank account without my knowledge. Guess who’s fault? Amazon! Man I am livid.
  • Amazon didn’t use either my gift balance or the CC assigned to the order and instead charged my debit card. Customer srvc has been useless.
  • AAARRRRGGGHHHH…. Sorry, needed to shout at the top of my lungs in frustration. Apologize for making it so loud the whole world could hear.
  • Apparently the guys found out my car yodels. I’ve heard the horn blow about 10 times from the garage as they pull it in to unwrap.
  • By by purple yodeler, hello silver bullet. One positive thing about getting it unwrapped, once I get it back I can drive however I want.
  • @iancr sad to see you are leaving. good luck to ya!
  • You know things are broke when a "web 2.0ish" app requires you run gmake to build it and it takes 4 minutes to _build_ a _Javascript_ app.
  • Looking for the end of the rope which was thoughtfully left for me to hang myself with (aka tracking a needle in a mountain sized haybale).

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