Twitter Updates for 2008-03-31
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  • What does ~$10 + 20 minutes of time get you? Blackened seasoned albacore tuna w/ butter nut squash risotto and grilled asparagus. Yummy!
  • Wondering what’s going on. Sounds like multiple prop planes in a dog fight or something. Keep buzzing by at high speed then banking out.
  • Helicopters are now joining in too… More than two at least. WTF is going on? Anyone know?
  • There’s I think three helicopters doing tight concentric circles between 1,000 and 1,500 ft over my roof.
  • Something big must have happened, trying to see if I hear sirens but the choppers are so loud its hard to tell.
  • Got several pics of the helicopters. Looks to be police choppers w/ high power spotlights on them. All the trees made it really hard to see.
  • Who/whatever they are looking for is still alluding them as its been nearly a half hour and they are still swarming like ants on sugar.
  • So disgusted with San Jose Mercury News. Most breaking news on their site is about Yahoo! ads. Police helis like this has gotta be real news
  • Need to be more careful about where I buy my tuna apparently. Last night’s dinner kept me up all night in pain.
  • Why are permissions on Flickr and all or nothing deal for API? So what if the app wants delete perms. Why can’t I give everything but that?
  • All it takes is one well intentioned beta app (like SocialThing) to make a mistake and boom all my photos are gone from Flickr. No Thanks!!
  • @omnivector Nothing deleted my photos. I’m just saying it "could" happen and subsequently won’t authorize it. Sad because I wanna try it out
  • Speaking of "beta" apps asking for delete permissions on Flickr, why does your app (FlickrBooth) need it @omnivector?
  • OH: "it’s better than whoring!" (person was talking about doing iPhone contract jobs on weekends and how much they make off it).
  • I hereby declare 2008 the year of the profile. Every damn site on the Internet wants me to come make/customize my profile on their site too.

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