Twitter Updates for 2008-03-29
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  • Just finished photoshoot #4 of the day… Surprisingly, I did write a bunch of code today too… time to write some more!
  • Self portrait from in the studio earlier today…
  • Ok, it’s midnight… on a freaking friday night… why am I still in the office? WTF? I need my head examined, seriously!
  • Now that I am home, time to proceed to assassinate a massive amount of brain cells reading a RoR book.
  • The mental torture is almost more than I can bare, especially since my end goal is to just write a ranting blog post about why RoR blows.
  • @thekarladam Instead of bitching so much, why not just rewrite it better? Someone of your skill should be able to do that in an hour, right?
  • Always wondered how @dhstatus has so much time to add new one click installers, yet keeping servers up and running seems to not be important
  • QOTD: "[If you] can’t resist the tempatation to click a link then maybe you should think about giving your ‘puter back" .. so true @macgasm!
  • Anybody looking for a good canon L lens? I’ll make you a great deal on this…
  • I complain via Twitter about DH’s performance and the box drops to the lowest load avg in a month (order of mag less). Coincidence surely?
  • @tychay ‘03 – costco dogs/coke -> now – McDonalds … We need to isolate whatever gene keeps you healthy with that diet and make mor …
  • @daveevans I used Linux actively in 1995 and can thus say App installs on a Jailbroke iPhone are nothing similar, so how do u figure?
  • Was enjoying dead total silence… Keyword being "was". Upstairs neighbors have TV so loud I can hear every word. Planning retaliation now.

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