Twitter Updates for 2008-03-28
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  • Just leaving the Golden Gate and heading back south. Beautiful sunset tonight (not the best, but still very nice).
  • Thanks to googlewifi along the 101, the locateme on the trouser mac is accurate to less than a block.
  • Can’t wait till i get home. The sand in my socks is getting really annoying. Just got one more errand to run.
  • Just made the checker at Safeway bust up laughing with what I bought, especially since it was on a Yahoo! Corp CC.
  • WOOT! Apple is restoring my faith in their pro photo application department…
  • Trying out a new diet today… will report back if I see any difference, but am hoping it will kick my metabolism into really high gear.
  • This one really hits home… hahahahaha….
  • Learned a couple new words today, so figured I would share. capitonym, retronym, and meronym… There, now you are smarter too possibly!
  • Just did a photoshoot in the middle of the street.. with traffic oncoming.. Shots came out perfect and no one (except a blackberry) got hurt

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