Twitter Updates for 2008-03-27
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  • Wanting to hunt down the person (people) who wrote branching for CVS and give them my 100% unfiltered opinion… Wonder if they would cry?
  • @ramsey I am totally digging SVK + SVN lately. Trying to push us from CVS to Subversion, but will see if I am successful or not.
  • @ramsey they do but getting git/bazaar approved at Yahoo! in any reasonable timeframe is near impossible. SVN isn’t even fully approved yet.
  • Am I the only PHP developer who feels if you use the "global" keyword in your code it’s an automatic "YOU FAIL"?
  • Everybody and their mother had the same idea as me tonight apparently, buy picture frames from target.
  • @saramg you didnt see my tweet about it yesterday? Unwrapping got rescheduled for next wed.
  • One of the _many_ perks of working at Yahoo! — Virtually unlimited bandwidth…
  • Wondering if it’s twitter or twitterific that’s borked. I am getting Growl alerts progressively older in history every couple minutes…
  • @woot This Woot-off has been pretty lame so far from what I’ve seen. You guys have had much better ones in the past.
  • @davglass Yep… same here… Glad to know it’s not just me. I thought maybe I was going through a timewarp riding up the 101 to SF…
  • If I haven’t said it before, I must say that Cingular HSDPA + MacBook + someone else driving == Awesome way to waste time going to the city.

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