Twitter Updates for 2008-03-25
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  • Photos from my hike near Sunol, CA yesterday…
  • Auto-generated set of my top 33 most interesting photos on Flickr. Updated daily.
  • Just added a small handful of new Facebook friends. Surprised how many have already confirmed at 10pm at night.
  • Just checked my schedule… seems my only two openings are 11am and 2pm… Otherwise booked solid tomorrow.
  • semi-important (to me) photo shoot today in which I am in the photo too… trying to decide if I want to shave or not… hmmm…
  • @rickymontalvo you are my 100th follower! congrats! now to think up some kind of treat.
  • Last day for the Yodelmobile…
  • @evilcindy yeah!!! Your back on twitter! Missed ya.
  • I wish this meeting was representative of the real world. 7 macs and 3 windows based machines.
  • @davglass I wonder if it’s a Y! employee way of passive aggressively saying "no microsoft" or if it’s just because OSX is that much better.

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