Twitter Updates for 2008-03-24
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  • On way home from hiike. Blood sugar is crashing.
  • Pretty much every cop in Sunnyvale is at el camino and Lawrence. Good time to commit a crime I guess.
  • In bad pain, but the good kind. Dealing with it the Johnstone way, little coke, whole lotta bourbon.
  • Johnstone way of knowing if you’ll live through the pain, crown and diet. If it doesn’t kill the pain you are probably dying.
  • Yeah! Just got approved for Amazon SimpleDB access. Gears are spinning in my head on uses already. Its the most exciting to me of their srvs
  • According to DVDpedia, I now have 276 movies totaling 328 DVDs. I’m almost running out of slots in my DVD player… :( :(
  • Wish there was a convenient way to save all my DVDs onto a HD so I could use my AppleTV with them instead of my Sony crapola 400 DVD player.
  • Bought three new DVDs, one is 2:23 long, another is 2:57, and the third is a whopping five hours.. So much for watching any of them tonight!
  • Good news, three doubles later and I feel no pain. Surprising news, I’m barely buzzed. Why is it never like this in public?
  • Surprised I made it 12 hrs with my contacts in. Time to see if I can pry them out and get some sleep. Busy week ahead.
  • Eating breakfast (black cherry cliff bar) while editing some photos for an Libby’s farewell party tonight.
  • Another one joins the cult… Welcoming @jstanden to the Mac family officially now that his machine just got delivered.
  • Building a list of indispensable OSX apps for the several friends of mine who became recent converts. If you have more ideas, please share!
  • @davglass no, not yet. debated between asking for feedback before or after posting. decided on before to get maximum initial list possible.
  • Almost fell out of my chair laughing… Ask those around me, they will attest to it…
  • Eye-fi should be giving me a kickback… Got five more sitting on my desk, this makes 12 I have bought (not all with my own money of course)
  • Ever had a pointless argument because someone didn’t listen to what you said, but rather what they think you meant by what you said? :( :(
  • Really sucks when that happens with a good friend, because then it causes tensions between you and them which shouldn’t be there.

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