Twitter Updates for 2008-03-21
Category: Twitter

  • Quick! Someone new start following me! You will be lucky #100 if you do. Maybe even a prize for that. :)
  • Feeling extremely cold (almost shivering). Hope that doesn’t mean I have a fever.
  • Friday? Already? Not to sound ungreatful or anything weekend gods, but man, hard to believe its here already!
  • @ryankuder uh oh, surprised the purple bullet was recognizable. I was in a tad bit of a hurry yesterday when on the 101.
  • Raced coworkers up to the 4th floor a bit ago. Me on the stairs, they on the elevator. I won and wasn’t out of breath for a change. Woot!
  • Just got some new blackmail material on former coworkers. So embarrasing Rock Band performances. To bad one has no shame.

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