Twitter Updates for 2008-03-17
Category: Twitter

  • Despite spending the entire day doing nothing but hydrating, resting, and VitC loading, I think my cold is winning the battle.
  • @sarahcuda bet you are regretting having them repaint it from being blue now aren’t you.
  • @tychay are you using the "report abuse" button on them? Its usually very effective at stopping SPIM.
  • Laying in bed feeling miserable. My cold is nowhere near as bad as when I was living in the Midwest, but still bad enough.
  • In the past month, 6/9 people on my team have quit. How many have to leave before mgmt gets the hint and does something to retain who’s left
  • Insanely annoyed with spam lately. How does ass tits porn viagra etc spelled right not get filtered? YMail, gmail, Akismet, all of em fail!

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