Twitter Updates for 2008-03-14
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  • Just turned in the request to have my car unwrapped… Things could get interesting very soon…
  • Interesting trick to protecting my gear from the TSA… Going to go buy me an airgun this weekend…
  • Always fun getting an automatic to scratch at 40mph.
  • My freaking god you suck Dreamhost! Took over 3 mins for the page to load to approve a blog comment. How can one F@$^ up hosting so badly?
  • There is no legitimate excuse for shit like this from a hosting company all the time.. (current) load average: 217.70, 219.36, 211.66
  • My best friend of about 6 years (worked together at two different companies for the past 4) is probably turning in his resignation today. :(
  • @Arlo I keep notification on for the most interesting ones and use an RSS reader for the rest.
  • "kthnxbye!" — BH …. sniffle… :( :(
  • I usually try and keep my twitter "following" not much above my "followers" count. For the first time the latter is growing faster. Weird.

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