Twitter Updates for 2008-03-11
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  • WOOT! US Airways _may_ have found my headphones.
  • @sugarlime which party are they playing at?
  • Playing a game of cat and mouse with US Airways over my headphones. Really wish I was instead sleeping.
  • Gotta be up at 3:30am roughly so I can catch my flight out. :( :(
  • On board flight for return trip to the Valley.
  • Boarded for San Jose. Less than a half hour connection. Let’s hope my luggage makes it AND is intact this time.
  • Been taxiing forever now. Apparently pilot wants to drive to San Jose.
  • @chaddickerson much much cheaper with ~$3 a month international plan
  • Wheels down. Hello silicon valley.
  • Again! My camera case is trashed! We replaced one terrorist organization with another one, run by our government.
  • I better never see a TSA official on the street.
  • I’ll curse so loud and so long I might get arrested.
  • Mostly settled into my new desk. Got computers all hooked up now, just got books and filing cabinets to go.
  • OH: "a skeleton walks into a bar and says, ‘give me a beer and a mop.’ …"

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