Twitter Updates for 2008-03-10
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  • @dogballs half the reason I came to Austin. The other half being hanging out with friends like this afternoon.
  • Kicking back a beer at Joes on South Congress. D msg me or stop by if you are in the area.
  • @mmasnick good luck with that.
  • @stephagresta eating texmex now. Debating on showing up but not sure I want to.
  • Amazed at the harshness towards @sarahcuda about the MZ interview. Not seen video, but still nothing is worth all this.
  • Forced to stop tracking sxsw. Battery is getting to low for the volume of inbound.
  • Bounced from Facebook party. Now at wierdly wired.
  • Be afraid… Be very very afraid… Drunk geeks are such very frightening creatures…
  • Another view of Austin during South by weekend…
  • Me. Me. Me!!!
  • Few party pix from tonight (including a few of Zuckerberg) @ SXSW. Definitely nothing great in shots though
  • Yawn! Morning already? Man that was an awesome sounding t-storm there for a bit. /me loves thunder!
  • Just picked up my badge and camera tag.
  • At bloggies awards.
  • At judo talk with @cynk
  • @ijustine Steve Jobs is around?
  • @schill in what twisted world is Opera more a major browser than Apple/Safari?
  • Really annoyed at the Adobe AIR evangelist presenting at sxsw. Giving a horrible impression of Flex and his ability in general.
  • His slant against OSX and Flex (over Flash CS3) is extremely obvious.
  • @schill that definitely makes sense. :p
  • @leebrimelow hello!
  • Wow. This guy is really making Adobe look bad in the Q&A. This is sad as AIR really rocks.
  • @jsmarr good luck in your talk!
  • Starting to see a lot of familiar faces in the portable social networks panel.
  • Probably the best panel I’ve seen in a while based on raw speaking ability. Not super excited about substance really though.
  • @jsmarr is pretty radical with his hand motions though.

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