Twitter Updates for 2008-03-09
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  • Goodbye Phoenix! The visit was brief but I’ll be back soon.
  • Already one casualty of the trip (my Bose headphones). Great way to start a vacay.
  • To add insult to injury, TSA opened one of my pelican cases. The foam inside is _destroyed_. WTF????
  • Made it to my friend Julie’s house. Ten minutes of talking later and I’ve almost forgot about that evil gov. Agency
  • Making rooibos tea for Julie and I. Brought some of my favorite teas with me. Also fixed my camera case foam "mostly".
  • Long day… heading to bed. Hoping today is much better than yesterday (already starting to look that way, but jury is still out)
  • Don’t forget everyone, this early morning hour is daylight savings time change!
  • Picked up a bunch of new twitter followers over the past two days. Don’t recognize many of them either. Hmm… Welcome I guess.
  • Such a beautiful morning in TX. Temp is near perfect, sun is shining, just a tiny wisp of a breeze. Today is going to be a good day I think!
  • Just left Austin Java. So good bfast! Amazing Chai. Tottally recommend.
  • Kicking it in the park with Julie and her pup being a photo geek.
  • Sorting through the 440 photos I took at the dog park with Julie and Sady. Fixing to head out into the city some place later tonight.
  • Found that using a 2x convertor on the 135mm F/2L is very nice. 270mm @ F/4 worked out very nicely at the park!

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