Twitter Updates for 2008-03-07
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  • Wish I wasn’t packing boxes and wasting time in meetings today and instead was digging into the iPhone SDK.
  • Good friend of many years and "boss" at a startup I worked at in the past finally bought a MBP so he could use the SDK. Congrats @jstanden!!
  • Slowly but surely us Mac users will infect the entire world with Apple products. I for one welcome our Jobsonian overlords. OSX FTW!
  • @sarahcuda when do you leave on Saturday?
  • @sarahcuda departing SJC, so no.
  • Ballmer want’s his 50 cents!
  • Hello Twitter world… has anyone actually been approved for the $99 developer cert for the trouser mac (iPhone) SDK yet?
  • @ramcosca It’s a Mac which fits in your pocket, no? "Pants Mac" sounds pretty dumb, trouser mac is marginally better. I didn’t think it up.
  • Arrived a bit early for a meeting. Oh well, guess I will wait patiently.
  • @ramcosca agreed! Spread the word if you like it. :)

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