Twitter Updates for 2008-02-18
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  • I’ve found I use ()’s too much, so I decided to steal @tychay’s "commentary" style of adding additional tidbits into a blog post.
  • Just finished roughing in a new network run. She’s all punched down, now let’s see if it tones out.
  • Yeah! Tones out good on first try (been a long time since I did telco). According to the test set, its a measly 59ft run.
  • My reaction is basically the same as JZ’s (read first sentence of post)
  • Fixing to enjoy a mug of Azteca Fire (with a bit of Yerba Mate added to help kick off the day) once I can get water to hurry up and boil.
  • @schill good luck… I just went ahead and let them do it out of laziness. Sure, I overpaid for the RAM, but it was convenient at the time.
  • Somehow $703 for a 1.83ghz Mac Mini w/ 2gb RAM + 80gb HD didn’t seem outrageous to me.. Apple is warping my brain’s price reasoning ability.
  • Just took a look at Ecto ( It has more features than MarsEdit, but something about it doesn’t feel right for me.

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