Twitter Updates for 2008-02-13
Category: Twitter

  • Just upgraded my AppleTV. Found a few annoyances and quirks, but won’t detail em tonight. Headed to bed.
  • Did look online and see my Aperture 2 shipment should arrive tomorrow morning, woot!!
  • Decided to look at webserver logs before bed and saw some legal/lawyer news scanner/crawler from Israel was hitting my RSS.. Pretty funny…
  • Man I have a ton of blog posts to write on a handful of topics.. Won’t probably get to it tomorrow either, but hopefully before the weekend.
  • Nothing irritates me more than when a shipping company sits on a package in a nearby town just because it’s not scheduled for delivery yet.
  • @natekoechley be sure and report it!
  • Tempted to switch my twitter icon to Obama just to piss off @omnivector … Would serve him right for being an OS traitor

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