Twitter Updates for 2008-02-10
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  • I <3 how Mac has *nix in it’s soul… So simple to do things like ‘ find . ! -name "*.mov" ! -name ".*" -exec mv {} {}.mov \; ‘
  • This company sells ome really kewl studio props. Bit pricey, but not horrible…
  • My highly scientific method of keeping batteries sorted.
  • Adobe CS3 for the iPhone…
  • Reading the blog commentary on the microsoft/yahoo! mess is better than any reality TV show ever. Man some people are morons!
  • Dude on a bicycle just yodeled at me. Poor guy almost fell off his bike when my car proudly yodeled back.
  • Incase there was any confusion, I was ridiculing the majority of "commenters" (especially on TechCrunch) not the writers of the stories.
  • Box came in the mail today. Something I had won, yet not paid for yet on Ebay. I’ve had non-delivery before, but never pre-delivery. Hmm…
  • Just noticed twitter appears to be vulnerable to CSRF. Why does that not surprise me? Try clicking on this link:
  • @darkgracie how so? For web based yahoo! email they should (unofficially due to inability to turn off cell and still use wifi) .
  • @andreiz over?

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