Twitter Updates for 2008-02-07
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  • Five minutes early for haircut. Traffic was light. Woot!
  • Looking like a space cadet again refilling my head with hot air…
  • Haircut and highlights done. Not as dramatic as last time when Filo thought I lost a bet, but still noticeable.
  • Enroute to San Jose now to go to a Sharks game with a new friend.
  • @arlo slacker.
  • Just saw the first fight of the night.
  • Sharks down by one. Got great seats with @stephagresta thanks to her friend who works for the sharks.
  • Sharks are now tied 1 to 1. Place is going nuts.
  • Boy these guys are taking a long time in this break gimmick race.
  • Zamboni sign: "driver carries no cash"
  • Go sharks! You can pull it out!
  • Awe.. They lost… :(
  • Just got the inside all access tour. That totally rocked.
  • Just yodelblasted a crowd of cheering people at a street corner.
  • Why does it not surprise me the idiots at Valleywag don’t understand the meaning of "all rights reserved" and rip off another photo of mine.
  • Full day of meetings today. Oh joy! Wish I had a PDF version of this new book I am reading.
  • hahahah…
  • I should have printed buzzword bingo cards before this meeting.
  • @omnivector always knew you were weird, now I have a formal reason to justify it.
  • I went over by 383 text messages last month. Thank god it only costs 3 cents per overage so I only spent about the same as upgrading my plan

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