Twitter Updates for 2008-02-03
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  • OH: "No internet makes <female semi-geek friend’s name> sad."
  • Butchered that, she said go qwazy not sad.
  • Look over at a friend’s MBP and see a fullscreen XP bootup screen. How pathetic eh?
  • OH: Maybe I should go uninstall Windows (from a non-self respecting Mac user)
  • @omnivector is trying to justify his using Windows XP on his Mac with "at least I am using Safari 3 and iTunes on it"
  • Real reason @omnivector wrote FlickrBooth? So he can stalk innocent people via Flickr.
  • Pixelmator’s UI is so drop dead sexy. This is how all apps should feel.
  • @omnivector is flickring some Thai coconut porn in a can.
  • Ballmer: Microsoft and Yahoo! is like taking the #2 and #3 in a race, tying their legs together, and hoping for a better finish.
  • Very very interesting… Surprised Google is already taking such a public stand.
  • Tell me again how this is the best "join-logo" apparently from!-logo020108.jpg
  • I think Microsoft’s bid for Yahoo! is just an attempt to cover up the fact Apple is kicking their ass…
  • One thing which keeps digging at me as being really odd, how flat YHOO was on Friday despite an order of magnitude more volume.
  • How does 1/3 of a company’s float change hands (440M shares) and the price not vary more than a buck (~3.3%)?
  • @iancr I’m not watching it either.

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