Twitter Updates for 2008-01-16
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  • Finishing lunch and a beer with thekarladam and feldman.
  • GeekSessions is about to begin!
  • Cal is hilarious. Good start to geek sessions.
  • Overheard "I flirt in my code comments"
  • At the EFF party, so much for going home to bed.
  • Walking to my car.
  • Heading home. Nice hour wasted driving…. Yippee!!
  • Filled the memory card on my eye-fi camera. Gonna have to find something else to entertain me on way home.
  • 3.3 more miles. Seems forever ago I left SF. I think I am gonna quit bitching and start looking for a place further north.
  • Too tired to even think about photos tonight… Eye-Fi pics are uploading while I snooze though.. ttp://
  • @tychay what is it called again when someone attacks you instead of arguing something based on the situation?
  • @soldierant perfect, that’s the one!
  • Hehe… Let’s see what Owen does now…. Jerk.
  • Really want to go to the Pownce party to congratulate Leah again, but alas not sure it’s worth 2 hours in the car driving…. grumble…

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