Twitter Updates for 2008-01-15
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  • Bandwidth really sucks at Brickhouse… Even downloading email is taking forever.
  • @andreiz I am interested.
  • cute little dog barking down the aisle from me… guess that’s another difference with brickhouse…
  • Note to self… make sure email download is 100% current on laptop before going to Brickhouse in the future. Several hours in and still …
  • Just took a few really good photos of iJustine… Of course with someone who looks like she does it’s not hard to take a really good photo.
  • Couple photos of @iJustine from today…
  • Fixing to eat dinner at Zebulon with @andreiz
  • At ARs party. One grey goose martini down.
  • @tychay late? Don’t you mean noshow?
  • FSJ just left Ars party.
  • At Osha with @tychay and about fifteen others.
  • Man I feel so much more intelligent on several topics. @tychay just did a classic two hour brain dump he’s famous for.
  • Taking a two hour power nap, then deciding if the keynote is worth giving up sleep for.
  • @ijustine did you get your keynote access? Is it worth showing up at the rdgistration table at this ungodly early hour?
  • Welp… if it looks as good as it sounds, I’m gonna own me a Macbook Air very soon.
  • Just touched an Air. I’m in geek heaven.
  • Everyone should visit the mac spyware removal company in the back left corner. Ask them the specific names of what they remove.
  • @tychay I got socks from them.

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