Twitter Updates for 2008-01-05
Category: Twitter

  • Found a new programming language… Very green but I think I like it… haXe (
  • Worried about my laptop CPU getting over 170F while compiling so speed up the fans. Just looked on Intel’s site and its rated to 212F. WTF!?
  • Using syncOtunes to sync my work machine and laptop’s iTunes library. Apparently 306 on one not on the other and 60 vice versa.
  • Why iTunes can’t keep multiple machines in sync itself (on DRM’d tracks no less) using the same iTunes account is just ludicrous!!
  • @Arlo it’s not without it’s quirks. With default out of the box settings it didn’t work at all for me. Have issues with file copying, IM me.
  • Pounding away on some haXe hacking… Likely switch over to LLVM later in the day.
  • BADASS!!! I just heard thunder!!! /me _LOVES_ thunderstorms.
  • More! More! Bring it! I want more thunder! PPPLLLEEEEASSSEEEE???

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