Twitter Updates for 2008-01-02
Category: Twitter

  • Always amazes me the more poorly written or technically inferior an app/site is the more likely it will become a household name.
  • Curled up in my recliner at work w/ some good tunes, plenty of caffeine, and some fresh chinese takeout. Fun night of hacking awaits
  • Best part about having a boss who works odd enough hours to have a timezone named after him? He doesn’t bitch much when you work late too.
  • WOOT!!!! After about three hours of bug hunting (mostly not my fault) I finally have the refactored code logging in again! YIPPPEEE!!!
  • Man the team is gonna hate me… I fixed the "bug" which prevent us from seeing banner ads on local dev builds (using term bug loosely)
  • Road construction crew: 1 me: 0 … Don’t count meout yet though, I will prevail!
  • Road crews: 2 me: 0 … I live five miles from work… How many roads can they block with construction.. Yeesh
  • You know you are an Amazon Prime junky when you start getting groceries delivered 2nd day air for free.

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