Twitter Updates for 2007-12-31
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  • At victoria secret with @omnivector and quynh.
  • Trying my best to be obscure.
  • I went to four busy stores, spent $300, and read @jstanden blog post in less time than she took to buy a bra.
  • Just saw I am legend. Slow but quite good.
  • Debating on what to do for NYE…. decisions decisions…
  • OMFG.. I can’t believe I was just forced to buy a CD! I haven’t done that in ages! It’s a Top 40 group from the 90’s, nobody has it online?!
  • The last CD I bought was Sunshine State of Mind (to get Floor.i.d.a by Rabbit in the Moon) At least that makes sense not being online, kinda
  • @misskaren officially, Yahoo! has today and tomorrow off.
  • Fixing to head into the office to get a bit of work done while virtually no one will be around to distract me.
  • Yippy! Get into the office and not only are the lights off, seems like no one is on the floor.

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