Twitter Updates for 2007-12-23
Category: Twitter

  • Just saw the new National Treasure sequel. Not bad, but was very much like the first.
  • Forcing myself to give Lightroom another look today. I _love_ Photoshop, why can’t I come to like Lightroom over Aperture?
  • @omnivector Sadly, you are right. Despite how much Aperture’s performance and flexibility blows, it’s interface makes up for it (barely).
  • If Aperture was filling my needs though I wouldn’t be trying to force myself to use Lightroom either I guess though.
  • Just bought the new Sara Bareilles iTunes Exclusive EP … As are all her albums, _totally_ worth it! Her voice is so amazing.
  • I hope she comes to town again soon, I love to hear another live performance (been to three so far, including one on campus).
  • @arlo we don’t "offer" it. It’s internal employee use only. :)

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