Twitter Updates for 2007-12-20
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  • At Bolton’s sports grill with the fam.
  • Following the yellow brick road to see the wizard.
  • Debating on what to do this afternoon. Helped my father clean his koi ponds this morning.
  • @evilcindy you mean you don’t? What a bad doggy parent you are!
  • @natekoechley I have the 870 and love it. Seen the 950 in person and feel I made the right choice. The LCD is so much better on the 870 too.
  • @natekoechley the 12 megapixel was tempting for sure, but the 870 is just a lot better camera. Will be nice when they come out with a 970.
  • Reposting: Invites for hulu are drying up fast. If you want one act quickly..
  • Does anyone know of a Windows based Picasa like app which exports to Flickr? I really want to get my mother on Flickr but she loves Picasa.
  • And google is too narrow minded and "evil" to add simple support for export plugins to Picasa.
  • Just updated my LinkedIn profile (read summary for changes)… Think it is blunt enough to get the point across?
  • TV can be quite humorous when you have it on mute and are listening to iTunes instead.
  • IMHO, CPU/mem are no longer the bottleneck for most apps. Now if we can just have the same performance innovations in storage I’ll be happy!
  • 70GB of data shouldn’t take 45 mins to copy from one 7200rpm drive to another 7200rpm drive on a different physical bus of the same computer

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