Twitter Updates for 2007-12-18
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  • Far too early for uncivilized folk to be up in the morning.
  • In line at the starbucks drive through in the rain waiting to buy 12 shots of espresso.
  • Was one hell of an adventure finding Lady’s fingers at alvertsons. God I hate that store.
  • Time to fire up the skillets and start cooking!
  • Tiramisu sure takes a lot of counter top space to make. Glad I did the 6 layer bean dip first.
  • Don’t you just hate it when you are trying to separate the yolk from the egg white and the damn yolk breaks on one?
  • Thank god for egg beaters. If I had whipped that cream by hand I would have been here all day.
  • Between choco shavings (blenders fault) egg whites (again blenders fault I swear) and coffee (trying to blame blender) my kitchen is a mess!
  • w00t! It’s live!!! Years in the making… now officially a pseudo property instead of living off
  • @evilcindy I made two pans of it (9×13" – 2 quart casserole pans). Fixing to take it to work now along with some 6 layer bean dip.
  • Man it’s raining hard outside. Debating on just staying home and eating Tiramisu all day.
  • Either Leopard is more power efficient or my Powerbook gets a lot longer battery life than my MBP. Been unplugged for 3.5 hours and going.

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