Twitter Updates for 2007-12-14
Category: Twitter

  • Yeah! Just got my new MBP. Not the specs I wanted but I am still happy as pie. Now to get this thing configured properly.
  • @evilcindy only on one plane for now. Tail 651.
  • Just kicked off the extremely long and tedious process of syncing down all my mailing list traffic to my laptop. It might finish by the W/E.
  • Poor HD on my IMAP server is working itself to death… Somewhere in the millions of emails being pulled down via IMAP is no easy feat.
  • Man you gotta love being able to download 1/3 of a GB in less than a minute… :D :D
  • Hurrying out the door to get to the office. Got stuff from 12:30 to 4pm today, back to back. Could be worse I guess.
  • @arlo only if that means I also get to be the photog for the event. :p

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