Twitter Updates for 2007-12-13
Category: Twitter

  • New geek term…. iPhone === "trouser mac"
  • Am I the only one, or is missing CSS (broke in two Safari instances for me)
  • Further proof why my friend Jozef is a god… String.replace(/((?<!^)[+]|[^0-9+])/g, "");
  • IT told me my new laptop should be available at noon tomorrow. Just finished backup it up, not cleaning off crap. Already freed 40gb up.
  • Awwe man… I no longer have my super secret Flickr power toy all to myself… Enjoy!
  • Anxious to see if the 2.2ghz Core 2 Duo is faster over my old 1.83ghz Core Duo. I just needed more HD, but glad IT upgraded the whole thing.
  • One of the first approved usages of my BetaBlue photos on a site I am not connected too…
  • Interesting fortune cookie…. "You will find Monday an especially important day" ….. "in bed"
  • @evilcindy you are more kewl if you don’t. Why conform to an outdated mentality?

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