Twitter Updates for 2007-12-06
Category: Twitter

  • Freaking A! Filled my SMS inbox apparently and just emptied it… now my phone is going nuts with delayed SMS’s now finally coming in.
  • Apparently over 40 SMS’s were waiting to be received. Stupid iPhone.
  • Company product launch party with decent beer for a change! OMG!
  • Filo: WTF did you do to your hair? Loose a bet or something?
  • Messenger 4 Vista (aka Diablo) is live!
  • There is a ‘coon the size of a medium dog across the street eyeballing me checking my mail.
  • Right next to my driver side door on my car as if he is daring me to try to get back in.
  • Yawwwwnnnn…. Morning already? I just went to bed _only_ nine hours ago!
  • Been up for a bit over an hour and still not "awake". Maybe some tea and breakfast would do me good.
  • In an Adobe AIR tech talk / Q&A session.
  • @andreiz how much for the ticket?

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